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About DJurma Photography

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a fascination with cameras. Before I knew how to ride a bike, I remember wanting to help my dad take photos with his film Canon AE-1 Program (with his help, of course). I eventually bought my own digital camera with money from many hours of mowing lawns. Ever since, having a camera in my hands has been my second nature.


I am currently a medical student at Medical College of Georgia, and while school keeps me pretty busy (go figure!), I always relish the moments when I am behind the camera. Be it landscape, sports, wildlife, portraits or weddings, I love it all!


EVENTS: If you like my photographic style and it is what you’re looking for, I would love to help photography your event(s). Use the contact form (below) or the contact button (at the top right) to tell me more about YOU (I love just hearing people’s stories!) and the event you would like photographed. I will get back to you with pricing details. Have a blessed day!

PRINTS: If you wish to have any prints from my site or Instagram, please fill out the contact form (below) with your email and the link (or description) of the print you would like. Pricing (includes personal digital rights): $30 for any single image. $50 for any two. $60 for three.

Check out my Instagram feed below for more frequent updates.


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